May 30, 2023

(ACN Newswire) – HONG KONG, July 15, 2022 – India Blockchain Week is a time when Blockpass and BlockOn Capital work together. | The Safe Network for Crypto, which is part of Blockpass, is announcing a partnership with BlockOn, a global blockchain venture builder and firm. As part of this move, Blockpass will provide information, updates, and coverage of BlockOn’s events. BlockOn has also invited Blockpass to speak at its India Blockchain Week (IBW, event, which runs for 7 days and covers a wide range of topics, from NFTs to governments to start-ups.
By using its network, infrastructure, visibility, and funds, BlockOn helps start and speed up projects that improve the ecosystem for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. BlockOn helps innovators develop their ideas and road maps, speeds up their development and customer acquisition, connects them with investors and partners and helps them get funding and partnerships, and raises their profile through online and offline efforts to build communities. It also hosts blockchain events in the ASEAN region and further afield. BlockOn wants to change the world and make the blockchain space more professional through its work.

Blockpass is a digital identity verification service that helps financial services and other regulated industries get into compliance with just one click. Through Blockpass, users can create, store, and manage a secure digital identity that can be used for a wide range of services, token purchases, and access to regulated industries. Blockpass is a complete KYC & AML SaaS for businesses and merchants that doesn’t need to be integrated and doesn’t cost anything to set up. You can set up a service in just a few minutes, test it for free, and then start verifying users and adding them to the service. Blockpass currently has more than one million verified user identity profiles. This makes instant onboarding possible, and thousands of companies have taken advantage of this to get access to users with digital identity profiles that can be used again and again.

“It’s always rewarding to work with people who want to help other people, so partnering with BlockOn is a real pleasure for us,” said Adam Vaziri, the CEO of Blockpass. “The last couple of years have been hard for events because of COVID, but now that things are starting to get back to normal, we’re thrilled to be invited to such a big event as IBW to talk about Blockpass and how important it is to follow the rules.”

“Since 2017, when Bitcoin did not split, BlockOn has been a leader in the crypto and blockchain space. At Crypto Conferences, basic KYC and AML rules were never talked about. Blockpass has a SaaS solution that doesn’t need to be integrated and doesn’t cost anything to set up so that users can be verified and brought on board. India’s government agencies will be glad to see Blockpass, which can help regulators see how the crypto industry is keeping up with the latest compliance standards “Siddharth Pandya, who is in charge of partnerships at BlockOn, said this.

Blockpass has grown a lot since it started, both in terms of the number and types of users and organizations it works with and the amount of work it does. Blockpass keeps updating and adding to its digital identity protocol to improve the experience of compliance. Recent integrations and the need for DeFi projects to be compliant with regulations have led to a rise in interest in Blockpass’s On-chain KYC(TM) solution, which promises to change how blockchains help with compliance. Blockpass is working with Animoca Brands to develop the ability to provide KYC where the verification result is sent and shown on a blockchain without sharing the data behind it. This is a big step toward the future that Blockpass wants to bring about, where people can prove their identity without giving out any personal information.