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How do you buy bitcoins with cash?

You can buy bitcoins in almost every city around the world with cash because there are people all around the world who buy and sell bitcoins in person.


If you're buying from someone directly, like with LocalBitcoins, you'll most likely meet with them at a cafe, and exchange cash for bitcoins. It's very easy and quick, and often you get good prices. That being said, be careful going anywhere with a pocket full of cash!


Alternatively, you can use a service such as BitInstant to buy bitcoins. In this case you will be going into a business such as 7-11 or Walmart to place an order, and may cost more.


Buy bitcoins with cash using LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a peer to peer site for people who want to buy, or sell bitcoins. You have the opportuity to get better rates through LocalBitcoins usually, but it takes longer than BitInstant.

Read our profile on LocalBitcoins.com before buying!


Buy bitcoins with cash using BitInstant

Buying from BitInstant is easy, can be done in most places, but costs 5% on average per transaction.

You can find out more on our profile on BitInstant before buying.