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How do you buy bitcoins with a bank account?

Traditional Bank Wire takes approximately 1 week to process, but in America you can connect your personal bank account using the same method PayPal uses to debit your checking account. If you are planning on buying over $10,000 worth of bitcoins, we recommend processing a bank wire to an exchange such as BitStamp or MtGox.

Buy bitcoins with an bank account

In america: 



RATE: 1% above market

It works pretty simply. You connect your bank account by verifying deposit ammounts, or if you have Wells Fargo, you can opt to give Coinbase your username and password to get instant account access.

  1. Register on Coinbase
  2. Connect your bank account
  3. Wait for Coinbase verification
  4. Buy bitcoins on coinbase.com at approximately 1% above spot



In Europe (SEPA Bank Wire)

You can buy bitcoins in Europe via SEPA wire transfer.


Bitcoin Nordic

WEBSITE: Bitcoin Nordic

RATEMtGox Euro rate + 9%