1 Bitcoin = right now

The Top 6 Reasons to buy bitcoins:

There are plenty of good reasons why to buy bitcoins, but here are a few of our favorite:



  1. Transmitting money, especially if you want to send it outside the banking system. Keep your cash out of the hands of criminals! Send money back home to your family near-instantly and super cheap.



  2. Want to avoid having your cash's value eaten away by inflation? Try Bitcoin. There's certainly no guarantees, but Bitcoin's value has increased 40 times in the last few years, and doubled in 2012. The number of available coins is fixed in the future, and no monopoly cartel is able to print it into oblivion.



  3. Do you run a business? Want to accept electronic payments securely and with no chance of chargebacks? Don't like excessive transaction fees? Bitcoin might be for you. Your next task is convincing a critical mass of your customers to pay you in Bitcoin, but the future is coming, and it costs you practically nothing to start accepting it now.



  4. Need to buy something discreetly? Want to pay someone anonymously? It's quite easy to do; just buy some coins and run them through a Bitcoin tumbler. Want to exercise your human right to buy something an oppressive government won't let you? Bitcoin is the answer!



  5. Do you have a philosophical aversion against fiat money created by criminal central banking cartels? Using Bitcoin to buy as many of your needs as possible might ease your mind. There aren't many grocers that accept Bitcoin yet, but there are many sites online that sell packaged, non-perishable food.



  6. Want to learn a little bit about how money really works? With Bitcoin, you can play around in an unregulated economy, just like your great-grandfather probably did :)