1 Bitcoin = right now

How do you buy bitcoins in America?

Thanks to the awesome American entrepreneurial spirit, there are more ways than ever to buy bitcoins online in America! 


Buy bitcoins with a Bank Transfer (2-3d / 1% fee)

Coinbase now offers the ability to purchase Bitcoins through bank transfers. After signing up for a wallet, you can add bank accounts and after verifying them, purchase Bitcoins for 1% plus a flat $0.15 fee. The whole process is documented with photos at Coinbase. Verified account get instant access to bitcoins. Easy for American customers!




Buy bitcoins fast using your phone (minutes / 100%+)

Blockchain.info offers the ability to charge purchases to your cell phone bill, but it’s not cheap and the limit on Bitcoins purchased is small. After creating a wallet with them, you’ll need to verify your cell phone number. Once that’s done, you chose from their small, medium or large purchase options and get your Bitcoins within the minute, but don’t expect to get that many. ($$$$$)


Buy bitcoins with a credit card and Second Life (1hr / expensive)

If you are familiar with Second Life, this is a pretty quick way to transfer money from dollars to lindens (SLL), and then using VirWox to Bitcoins. Note that both Linden Labs and VirWox profit a lot off of each transaction here, and new accounts often have their transactions held, so this is far from instant. It is cheaper than buying by phone though. ($$$$)


Buy bitcoins with a Wire Transfer (1-3d/below average)

If you have a bank account that allows you to wire money online, AurumXchange.com accepts international wire transfers for 1% and a $10 fee. 1-3 business days later, they’ll provide a code so you can buy Bitcoins on MtGox instantly. Because of bank fees, this is better for large purchases. ($$$)


Buy bitcoins via Money Order or Check (3-9d/cheap)

CampBX offers the ability to buy Bitcoins in a number of ways, but the easiest one for someone new is Money Orders. Just sign up, pick up a USPS money order at any one of the over 30,000 USPS locations and send it off to CampBX with your details. They’ll deposit it and exchange it for Bitcoins the day they get it. You pay only $1.15 under $500 and $1.55 up to $1000. ($)


We caution against...

Paypal has been known to freeze people’s accounts for buying and selling Bitcoins.
Dwolla is fairly popular and cheap, but your account needs to be older than 30 days.


How do you buy bitcoins in person?

Buying bitcoins in person can be fun and safe! There are a ton of options, from 7-11 to Walmart to buying Bitcoins direct from another person! We encourage people to meet up in person and trade for bitcoins. Remember to use caution when dealing with cash.


Meet people in person via LocalBitcoins.com 

The best way to find someone who’ll sell you Bitcoins for cash is LocalBitcoins.com
Enter your zip code or location and it’ll provide a list of sellers, their location, price and minimum/maximum transaction. The nice thing about LocalBitcoins.com is the built-in escrow.  

The seller deposits the Bitcoins with the website, and when you give the seller the money, they release the money to you, and the website notifies you by phone. It’s safe, easy and cheap. ($)


...Our best advice

It should go without saying, but know who you’re buying from has a good reputation. Honest people also make mistakes, so make sure you know what you’re signing up for.


"I want cheap bitcoins"

6 days turnaround using your bank account. The setup is just like PayPal, and the rate is a mere 1% above market price (usually similar to BitStamp).



  1. Backup your wallet!
  2. Don't forget your password!
  3. Know who're doing business with!