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How do you buy bitcoins in Canada?


Buy bitcoins online with Canadian Bitcoins

HypoLuxa suggests:


Buy bitcoins via Mail using CAD

Using Canadian Bitcoins, print out a form after filling out your purchasing wishes and mail cash using Canada Post Xpress Post, or a courier (Purolator, UPS, etc of your choice), when cash is received, bitcoins will be deposited in your account.

Buying via bank deposit using CAD

Candian Bitcoins accepts payments at any TD branch. You can use their online services if you are a TD Bank account holder, if not you can deposit cash into Canadian Bitcoins account. The information for both options at TD bank are sent to you via email after entering the amount of bitcoins you would like to purchase.

Buying using US Dollars

Bascally the same as using Canadian cash (sending in via Post or by Courier, they will convert the amount in USD for you into CAD and this is the amount you send.

They do not accept: cheque, cash, money orders or PayPal. Basically only cash.

Rates are guaranteed for 36 hours on buy orders and 3 hours on sell orders.

Selling Bitcoins in Canada:

You can sell bitcoin at anytime using various options (you can be mailed cash, a cheque, and Interac email transfer or if you are a customer of TD bank, you can have it transferred into your account), you can even pick up your cash in person if you live in Ottawa. All have varying fees ranging from $2 to $20