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Buy bitcoins from Bitfloor



WARNING: Funds stolen, but "1.7% of the funds have been released from hold as of December 1st" [source]


**ALERT for BITFLOOR.COM users**


 Bitfloor is asking users to IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW (April 17th, 2013)




Sept, 2012: $250,000 was stolen from this exhange. [source]

Dec 1st 2012: Bitfloor announces 1.7% of stolen funds have been released from hold [source]

March 31st 2013: Bitfloor announces 3% of stolen funds have been released from hold



We have bought bitcoins through Bitfloor, and spoken to the owner.


Buy bitcoins with Bitfloor

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Buy bitcoins via Bank Wire

You can buy bitcoins through Bitfloor. The fee is $15.

Current rating: 3.0


  • bill gates 1 year, 8 months ago

    Bitfloor has been a great experience, I have been using it since April 2012. I have wired larger amounts, they are reliable and the owner (Roman) is very responsive, especially compared to Mtgox. I still use Bitfloor today, it is my favorite exchange.

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  • Jeffrey Johnson 1 year, 5 months ago

    I just started using bitfloor in the last few days since MtGox has had so much trouble beating back DDoS attacks lately. An initial transfer from MtGox to Bitfloor took longer than I expected, but Roman was very responsive letting me know what was going on. I learned a bit more about the blockchain in the process.

    Did a test cash transfer through LocalTill today and it went through quickly and perfectly. The 4% fee is a little high, but it was maybe 35 mins from the time I made a deposit at BofA until the $ was in my bitfloor account.

    So far so good ...

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