1 Bitcoin = right now

The easy and free guide to help you buy bitcoins




The Top Places to Buy Bitcoin:   

 Coinbase (US ONLY, Easy + Cheap)



  BIPS - Bitcoin Internet Payment System (WORLDWIDE and                                focused on businesses who want to accept bitcoin                                            payments and sell bitcoins)


  LocalBitcoins (WORLDWIDE Over the counter)



 Bitstamp (Bitcoin + Ripple Exchange, Bank Wire


 VirWoX (Buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card OR PayPal)


 MtGox (The Original Bitcoin Exchange, Bank Wire)




 Blockchain.info  (Buy Bitcoins with Mobile Phone)




Bitcoin Mobile (SMS, virtually instant)



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How to buy bitcoins online:


  Bank Account


   Credit Card




How to buy bitcoins in person:




How to buy bitcoins in your country:


North America


 United States




South America:

Netherlands (NEW!) / Nederland (NEW!)
 Russia (NEW!)
South East Asia




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